Floor carpet maintenance is one of the common things that are essential when it comes to keeping our house clean and organized. A lot of homeowners tend to choose carpet for several advantages: it is easy to clean, it is warm and comfortable, it insulates sound, relieving to the feet, and most of all, it is more attractive and fancier than other floor materials.

On top of this, carpet maintenance is very cheap. In fact, carpet cleaning Glendale provides a very good cleaning service at an affordable price.

However, no matter how excellent quality the carpet is, and how skillfully it was installed, there will come a time that you will be needing a replacement. If you are consistently exposed to seeing your carpet every day, it could be hard for you to notice the signs that tell you to have a replacement rather than a cleaning service.

How Often Should You Replace Your Carpet?

The frequency of how you should replace your carpet depends on the quality of the carpet as well as the maintenance you do. In an average house that has two to four occupants, a carpet’s signs of fraying and aging can be 3 to 5 years. Although if you have children and pets, it becomes 2 to 3 years.

1.It still smells even after cleaning.

A carpet that smells bad can be something normal for homes that have pets in it, such as dog, cat, etc., as these animals do have a natural animal smell. However, carpets should not smell bad, especially after a thorough cleaning. And although there could be stains that may never be erased after some blotting and scrubbing, smell needs to be removed as this will cause some discomfort to guests.

A persisting smell even after cleaning means that the stains and dirt have been fully absorbed and penetrated into the carpet’s fibers.

2.You can no longer hide bigger stains

Carpet owners know that there will be times they are necessitated to hide stains especially when they are difficult to remove. However, when you can no longer hide stains and remove them, now is the time that you consider replacing your carpet anew.

3.It has lost its cushion

The cushion that your carpet offers is one of the main reasons why you choose a carpet for the floor. This provides comfort, sound insulation, and that “carpet feels’ that only carpet can provide. However, if you notice uneven carpeting, it is a sign that it has cushion damage and that it needs to be replaced.

4.Water damage and dampness

There are some regions that are very humid like Australia, and dampness is their carpet’s worst enemy as it leaves a very bad odor and stains. This becomes dangerous as dampness makes your carpet more susceptible to molds and mildew.

5. House occupants always sneeze and sniffle

Older carpets can accumulate pollen, mites, dust, and other allergens as the time progresses even when you do regular cleaning. This is caused by aging carpet fibers that can never be fixed by and cleaned by any cleaning solutions. When this happens, it is better that you replace your carpet anew.